Advancing in the aircraft painting process

24 Mar 2020

With the new generation aircraft having more composite structures affects how the aircraft is repainted.

Airbourne Colours, which has paint facilities at both East Midlands and Bournemouth airports, has specialised in painting for legacy carriers, LCC’s, regional airlines and jets within the private sector. The company is adapting its procedures to the new generation of composite aircraft. The older metal sections of aircraft can be chemically paint stripped which is not the case with composite panels. These can only be abraded now before painting, but they are not subject to corrosion.

Understanding a client’s need to protect their asset and enhance their brand whilst limiting downtimes is key to their painting programme. With an average paint finish on an aircraft to last between 6-8 years, there are other factors that airlines take into account when scheduling their fleet for repaint such as maintenance inspections, changes in colours schemes, additional aircraft to the fleet also play a pivotal role. Airlines that operate closer to coastal regions are also more susceptible to corrosion due to the proximity of saltwater which accelerates corrosion.

Technology in the paint topcoat system has also changed in the last 10 years, with the introduction of Base Coat/Clear Coat which allows the colours to be applied quicker, drying in up to two hours followed by a protective coat of clear lacquer. Primer systems are also changing with an increased focus on Chromate free primers which eliminate the hazardous Chromates. Other paint technologies on the horizon are anti-icing paints which disrupt the accumulation of ice on the painted surfaces.

Additional Paint Facility

2 Nov 2018

Airbourne Colours continues to expand and has recently acquired our fourth paint facility at Bournemouth International Airport to complement our existing capabilities.  Our fourth facility is designed around the smaller business jet market and can accommodate aircraft up to Dornier328

Special Coca Cola/Fifa World Cup Promotional Livery

4 Mar 2018

Airbourne Colours recently completed a special livery on behalf of Titan Airways to promote both Coca Cola and the Fifa World Cup.  The aircraft is now well underway travelling the globe on its promotional tour.

Airbourne Colours are very appreciative to be given the opportunity to paint this aircraft. This will be the second time that we have painted the promotional aircraft into the Special Coca Cola/Fifa World Cup livery after also painting the promotional aircraft for the 2014 world cup.

Completion of Brussels Airlines winter painting programme

4 Apr 2017

Airbourne Colours have recently completed all of Brussels Airlines narrow body painting requirements for the 2016/2017 winter programme.  This also culminated in Airbourne Colours in conjunction with Aircraftstyle completing the fantastic Amare livery to promote Belgiums Tomorrowland music festival

Airbourne Colours to exhibit at the MRO Amsterdam 19th & 20th October

3 Oct 2016

Airbourne Colours will be exhibiting at this years flagship MRO exhibition in Amsterdam.

Please feel free to call by and see us in Hall 10. Booth 835.

It will be great to meet up with both existing and potential new customers.


Airbourne Colours New Employee Announcements

27 May 2016

As Airbourne Colours continues its expansion as one of the largest independent privately owned Aircraft Painting Companies in the UK, they are pleased to announce the appointment of two new employees.

Neil Osborne has recently taken on the position of General Manager and will have the responsibility of Managing both the day to day business needs and continued strategy to move the business forward.

Simon Cracknell has taken on the position of Sales and Marketing Director and will be responsible for all of the Sales and Marketing functions relating to the business.

Both Neil and Simon have very good pedigrees holding previous roles at Bae, PPG Aerospace and Sprayavia.

We look forward to utilising both Neils and Simons expertise at a company with an already well established portfolio of employees in aircraft painting.

Bay 3 Work has started

12 Feb 2016

4df209e3-4cd7-474f-b3dc-425e10961d81-large[1]Work has started on AirbourNe Colours Bay 3 at our East midlands facility, We will be working hard to make sure we are ready for the November opening and cannot wait to get the first aircraft in the door.

With this new facility we now have a smaller aircraft dedicated hangar, the new bay 3 can take aircraft up to Boeing 737/300. With this new facility we can increase our availability to our clients, help us to meet current requirements and allowing us to welcome more new customers to experience our services.

we will be posting regular updates to our social media sites you can find us on Facebook, LinkedIn we would love to here your feed back on all the new work This wee we will be fitting out the offices and then moving on to the paint stores.

We have contractors bringing us brand new specialist paint hangar doors which are fully insulated and provide a air tight seal to give us a state of the art facility at Airbourne Colours Bay 3.